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Do you remember the children’s song “Three Crows Sitting on a Wall?” This photo reminds me of that song, on a cold and frosty morning in spring, in suburban Chicago. I knitted these birds, birds similar to the birds in my novel, We Have Everything Before Us, where birds are invasive and unwanted.

What else will keep me busy as my book launches during a global pandemic and I am inside, sheltering in place? I used wool left over from socks and sweaters that I made. Always good to have a stash of yarn. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU WILL BE STUCK INSIDE FOR WEEKS!

What am I watching on TV while I knit? Favorites like Netflix The Break and the Forest, both in French with subtitles. This presents a problem as I knit and try to read the subtitles or apply my limited French. But activities like this distract me from anything having to do with the pandemic.