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There is nothing as refreshing as getting outside right now for a bike ride, and here I am in my mask. I ride from my home to Sheridan Road, which runs along the lake front in the north suburbs of Chicago where there is a bike path. On warm sunny days there are walkers and runners in the bike paths! It’s crazy. So, I try to avoid weekends when it is the worst.

Riding is keeping me sane. I get out as much as I can, which is two-to-three times a week. Sometimes I go with a buddy, who also wears a mask, so that we can feel self-important yelling at people who are not wearing masks! And sometimes play chicken with the walkers. (Ok, I’ve only done that once.) On this particular early Saturday morning, we came across a drive-by birthday party cramming a small street with SUVs, kids sitting on the roofs of the cars.