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There are days when things seem dire. We all worry that we will never get out of the boundaries that confine us right now, our own rooms, our homes, our yards, our cars, our jobs if we have them and if they are outside our homes-and thank you for going to your job outside the home. So, we seek distractions. Sometimes distractions can be a few inches or a few feet away from us.

I have been looking at Sharon and Steve Fiffer’s blog They came up with the idea as they met their friends online and began to go beyond chatting to sharing some of the stuff in their home. People can send submissions to the blog of a photo of something meaningful along with the story behind it. The entries are short and sweet and very interesting, as well as a wonderful two-or three-minute distraction from the frightening world around us.

Sharon is the author of the Jane Wheel mysteries, which I have been enjoying. They take place in Evanston. Jane goes between Evanston and Kankakee, and all over the space in between, to look through estate sales for antiques and such, and along the way she solves murder mysteries. You can find her books at, and Jane Wheel is on Facebook.