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This is the time of year that my husband and I like to travel. The weather is nice in the U.S. and Europe, and children are starting school. Sites aren’t crowded. Our last trip, however, was to Barcelona and Lisbon last February, before the lockdown. We saw beautiful things and ate delicious food. And we came home and soon had to pick up our son from college to stay home for weeks.

I thought I wouldn’t have the itch to travel as I do right now. But this isn’t so. I do want to travel, and I want to learn about Richard III’s Mom, Cecily Neville. I’m doing a little bit or writing about her and I wanted to see the places where she lived. So, I took a virtual tour of Cecily Neville’s England. It was a 12-day tour, and I found some good sites online to see, through someone else’s eyes, the places I was interested in. Follow me on this blog in the next days, and you can also take this trip.